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Harry Hanson has been in the personal training business for 25 years. He presently owns and operates six personal fitness training studios and two fitness training schools in Manhattan. He has been on national television as seen on The View, is the recipient of the 2009 New York Award in the Athletic Club & Gymnasium category and has been featured in many magazines and newspapers. He has a long list of celebrity clients and a loyal following. Some of our clients have been with Hanson Fitness for close to 20 years.

Our fees are competitive and our team of personal trainers are highly skilled with years of experience. With locations in SoHo, Union Square and the West Village; if you do not like the feel of a large, traditional gym and want a top notch trainer we would be a good fit for you. With over two decades of experience in training men, women, seniors and children we offer a professional and warm experience to your one on one training journey. We are extremely proud of our facilities, our skilled staff and our specialty programs.

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42 Wooster Street
New York, N.Y. 10013
T 212-431-7682
F 212-431-7682
(Union Square)
795 Broadway
New York, N.Y. 10003
T 212-982-2233
F 212-982-2233
(West Village)
132 Perry Street
New York, N.Y. 10014
T 212-741-2000
F 212-741-2000
(American Academy
of Personal Training)

561 Boylston Street
Back Bay
Boston, MA 02116
T 617-267-2278

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Hanson Fitness Union Square NYC
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Hanson Fitness West Village
Hanson Fitness West Village
Hanson Fitness West Village
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Hanson Fitness SoHo
Hanson Fitness Union Square
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Hanson Fitness Union Square New York City
Hanson Fitness Union Square



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